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12 month old not not meeting some of milestones should I be worried?

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Henryandzacsmummy Wed 23-Mar-16 16:16:52

I have a happy little 12 month old boy. I'm worried as I have checked the milestone chart for his age after someone asked me if he had said his first word yet.
He bubbles away but hasnt said an actual word yet. He doesn't seem to know what objects are when I talk, he doesnt point.
I feel guilty as I work and do not spend as much time with him as I did his brother (now nearly 4). I try to read to him but all he wants to do is put the book in his mouth.
He isn't interested in baby TV at all but does play happily sometimes on his own.
Should I be worried? Ive noticed that he appears to be lip tied now that his front teeth are through. Could this be causing problems? Any advice or tips on how to help him would be great as I feel so rubbish at the moment.

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