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5 y.o son hitting and genral very short attention span

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rachh13 Wed 23-Mar-16 01:24:45

Hi there I'm in need of advice! My 5year old son over the last couple of wrks has started hitting his 9 year old brother,myself and children at school! His teacher said she puts him by himself so she can deal with the other children but I'm not sure of what to do about it iv taken away any gaming console/tablet but he dosnt seem to care also he struggles to sit still constantly fidgeting.iv asked him why he hits people when her dose it but he said he Dosnt know....I feel terrible for him and the children he hits..we do not hit in our home and iv told him many times it's a bad thing to do and he should be a good friend and not hurt people.any advice or anyone been in a similar situation? smile

juneau Wed 23-Mar-16 10:00:28

Since this is a recent thing I think I'd start with the teacher. Ask her if she's noticed what happens immediately before hitting incidents. Is there another DC that is winding him up, for instance? Or picking on him? A sudden change in behaviour like you describe would suggest a sudden change in circumstances for your DS - and unless you've had some upheaval at home it seems likely that the change has happened at school. He's only 5 so he may struggle to articulate what's going on, but ask him anyway. Is someone upsetting him, picking on him, etc?

rachh13 Wed 23-Mar-16 18:34:01

Hi there thank you for your reply I asked his teacher and she said she hasn't noticed any of the children doing any thing that would set him off and in the playground unfortunately it's been my DS that started it sad he has had quite a difficult start to his little life both of my DS'S have only recently come back to live with me at the end of last year but since they have been here there has been no major changes we have a good morning and after school routine.its very difficult to get any answers from his he just said he dosnt know why he dose it.iv made an appointment to talk to a doctor about it smile

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