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Don't know what to do with DD

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Cheesecrumpets01 Mon 21-Mar-16 10:11:42

She is almost 4 and 95% of the time she is the sweetest, well behaved, very clever and polite girl but every month or so she goes through a couple of days/nights of turning into a nightmare.

She is just constantly so loud. Every word is spoken loudly, when she cries it's a howl, she is told if she wants someone, then to come get them, not to shout down 3 floors. It just doesn't sink in.

When she is in her 95% good behaviour she is able to use her nice voice and words to explain what is wrong it's all is solved, no tears or tantrums.

I don't know what else to do with her, the neighbours must think she is being murdered and I am mortified at the thought they can hear all of this.

She wakes around 10/11pm and won't settle (she loves her sleep usually 11-12 hours straight and asks to go to bed) - cries loudly and won't lay back down, if we try leave the room she screams but if we stay with her she doesn't stop crying either.
If we were in a detached house and had tried the calm, talking, cuddles approach and that hadn't worked (she dosent tell you what's wrong she just continues to whinge and cry constantly) then we would just close her bedroom door and leave her to calm down but the neighbours must hear everything and we have all just moved in so don't really know each other. What a great first impression they must have sad
Should I pop a note through the neighbours door apologising?

Any advice please?

pigeonpoo Mon 21-Mar-16 10:25:44

I wouldn't apologise

I think my DS sounds like he's being murdered fairly often and we live in a flat.

The amount of mums Iv heard admit they worry someone will think they're murdering their child is a fair number

I have an angel/devil too - can be beautifully behaved, or is completely the other end. No middle ground.

You're not alone

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