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How can i build my dd confidence up?

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cannotmakemymindup Sat 19-Mar-16 04:02:05

She is just about to turn 2 but already says she is scared of lots of things. The list just keeps growing, even things she used to like now 'scare' her and she runs off. We've been to soft play a few times and she doesnt want to go in the ball pit (ninja grip if you try to ease her in), doesnt want to climb etc.
She has always disliked toys that are 'electronic' where they sing etc. Hates the blender, our vacuum, coffee machine and now washing machine (where she always used to press buttons etc).
Loves to 'read', play with duplo, tea set and other toys.
I would like to know do other parents think confidence comes with age? Or are there gentle ways of encouraging her? Helping her to see things are safe? Or is this her personality?
Sorry if a bit long winded.

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