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how does a child show emotional intelligence / emotional literacy?

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pleasenotmondayagain Fri 18-Mar-16 10:54:51

We are seeing the school SEND person after agreeing that DS needs some support. I've been given a form to fill in by the year 1 teacher before the meeting. It isn't specific to DS - the questions look generic. After the basic name / date stuff, there is a box to comment on learning issues, physical problems, and another on emotional literacy.

DSs difficulty is with maths, so the physical and emotional stuff may not matter. But in answer to the question 'does your child show an appropriate level of emotional literacy?' what kind of things would you mention? DH suggests that we just write 'yes' or N/A, but if the SEND is trying to get a rounded picture of DS maybe we should put something. What kind of things come under that heading?

TheChocolateDidIt Fri 18-Mar-16 11:48:06

Can he describe how he is feeling? If you ask him what type of feelings he experienced today, could he say? We had a homework book the other day that was about feelings so afterwards I asked DD (5) what feelings she had had that day and she said sad and excited and explained why she had those particular feelings at which points of the day.

There is also the next level of being able to understand/ empathise with how someone else is feeling. This can be hit and miss with children though. Sometimes they can be amazingly empathetic and at other times appear callous but I think the latter can be a coping strategy if they don't want to take on someone else's sadness or have to deal with the associated feelings it throws up. Does that make sense?

pleasenotmondayagain Fri 18-Mar-16 20:47:05

That is really clear, thank you. I had assumed that the 'literacy' must have something to do with expressing in writing. But if it simply means talking about emotions and responding to others then I don't think there is much to say.

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