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ASD worries

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aj1987 Thu 17-Mar-16 13:40:13

Hi everyone.

I was at a local toddler and tots group this morning and another mum asked me if my child had autism! I said no and asked her why and she said because DS flaps his hands when he is excited.

Let me give you some background, DS is will be two in July, generally speaking he is a lively toddler he makes good eye contact and is affectionate but he doesn't point much. However, he does understand what we are saying to him, if I say where is iggle piggle? DS will look for his Iggle Piggle teddy bear. Or if I say can mama have igle piggle DS will give me the teddy.

In terms of language I am trying to encourage him but DS does try, he makes animal noises mama dada nana tata rubdubdub DS tries to say his aunties name sara like "sasa" but as of yet no meaningful sentences or joining two words together. Truth be told I may be worrying a little bit about his language development, but it is good to see him attempting to babble although it does not make much sense

But it is the arm flapping that has gave concern DS flaps his arms when he is excited, for example when the washing machine is on he will flap his arms whilst looking at it but the after about 30 seconds get fed up and will go play with his toy cars. He is always on the go running up and down the hall. He interacts well with his cousin they chase each other around and laugh (which usually results in onf the falling and crying. He has a new neice who is just a baby, he will look at her and flap his arms, this only seems to be when he is excited. He would perhaps spin a wheel but again only once or twice and then play with something else. He does wheel the cars along the floor and sometimes just pushes them a bit too roughly!

Like I said though he is a pleasant child and a solid sleeper. If he is on my knee playing horsy he maintains eye contact with me and if you stop bouncing him he will say !AAHH! and give me a gentle tap as if to say keep going! I hadn't really thought about ASD before but the lady this morning has now got me worried.

I would value your opinions, can anyone relate to anything I have mentioned?

Best wishes


MiniMover Thu 17-Mar-16 13:55:59

Hand flapping does not mean your child has autism. It is true that some children with autism hand flap but in itself, it is not a major red flag especially in a 20mth old as hand flapping is very common in NT toddlers.

As for S&L, many 20mtholds aren't yet talking. The important things to look out for are a) receptive language (that he understands what you are saying) b) non verbal communication. So does he point? With pointing is he pointing both at things he sees and things he wants? When he points does he look back to check you are looking and have seen the object of his point? Does he bring things to show you? Does he share things with you? Such as picture drawing or encouraging you to share his biscuit? (Even if when it comes to it he refuses to actually give you any grin) Is he keen to play games with you such as Jude and Werk or basic jigsaws?
Does he have a wide range of interests in terms of toys? Does he play with age appropriate toys appropriately? Can he be easily distracted from his favourite activity?
How is he with routine? Does he need it? Is he fine with a change in routine?

Oh and have you seen the MChat test? It can be done from 18mths. It is not diagnostic but will give you an indication as to whether further investigation would be useful.
And finally, please ignore stupid people who think they know what they are talking about. Honestly!!! Who the hell asks a mother if her toddler has asd because he's hand flapping? hmm

MiniMover Thu 17-Mar-16 13:57:18

Jude and Werk!!! Wtf? Hide and seek that should say.

littleducks Thu 17-Mar-16 14:01:21

How rude!

Some children centres arrange drop in sessions with Speech and Language Therapists. You might find something like that helpful to gain tips and ideas for supporting language development (and put to put your mind at rest)

aj1987 Thu 17-Mar-16 14:33:15

Hi all

Thanks for your replies. He does not really care about routine, if we change what we are doing DS doesn't at all. My in laws live 60 miles away and we can hop in the car and away we go! But like I said he doesn't point much, there are trees outside our house and if I say where are the trees? You can see his eyes moving to look at them and sometimes he will put his arm out towards the trees, but it is not an actual point. He does play with age appropriate toys he loves cars and rolls them along the ground and like I said babbles a bit but not putting two or three words together. But like I said his receptive language is good, he knows everyone in the family, where is gaga? (his grandfather) he will look at my dad or where is granny? he will look at his granny. Yes, he does like hide and seek, sometimes he plays this by hiding behind the sofa and then raising his head to peek a boo.If I say mummy is coming to get you he runs away laughing wile I chase him.

Sorry for rambling, the lady at toddler and tots really worried me!

Many thanks


GiddyOnZackHunt Thu 17-Mar-16 14:48:30

She's a silly woman to have frightened you over this, she really is. The hand flapping is the physical expression of something a 20 month old can't express verbally. My NT DS wasn't talking in any words at 20 months. It clicked for him at about 22 months and he had no problems at all.

whatamess0815 Thu 17-Mar-16 16:18:19

If you have concerns google M-chat and see if it flags him up as risk.

handflapping in toddlers is normal but my ASD - DC did it certainly more than her NT sibling.

And being pleasant and having autism are not mutually exclusive, you know? wink

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