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3 year old with awful tantrums

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danipate Tue 15-Mar-16 22:45:17

my son is the most lovable little boy, but if he doesnt have hes own way i.e sleeping at hes nannys house when he wants to, he throws awful tantrums but im the one that suffers from them, he punches kicks bites, scratches and pinches. i'm at my wits end at the moment, i love my little boy to pieces but when hes throwing a tantrum he looks at me as if he hates me. i just dont know how to control him. the tantrums can go on for around an hour, ive tried putting him in hes bedroom to calm down but he throws everything around and screams. my neighbour has commented about hearing him screaming and shouting and it makes me feel as if people are judging or thinking im hurting him. i just dont know what else to do to help him stay calm??? Any advice would be great sad

gandalf456 Tue 15-Mar-16 22:49:34

It is not unusual for 3 year olds to have tantrums but it does sound very intense. My DD, now 11, was like that and i found trying to put her in her room or give her any form of time out made her worse so had to try out different strategies. Is there anything else you could do apart from send him to his room? Another thing to consider is to forget the punishment in the heat of the moment and work on getting him calm (you know what works ordinarily when he gets over excited, perhaps) then talk about it and decide what you are going to do as a consequence.

danipate Tue 15-Mar-16 22:59:06

yeah it does make him a lot worse when he goes to hes room, when i try to speak to him he just doesnt want to listen, he starts shouting louder and throwing things around, i have tried to just leave him in the room with me or take his mind off it for the time being, asking for example to show me what one hes toys does or how it works. when i notice a tantrum just about to start ive tried to tickle him just to make him laugh, but it doesnt work. do you think there may be something a gp could do to help ie behavioural therapy or is he going to be too young for that? he will be 4 in may

gandalf456 Tue 15-Mar-16 23:06:32

You could maybe ask your gp or he. We did this and ended up with a family support worker who basically gave us parenting tuition. She did give us a few pointers and was reassuring

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