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9 month old doesn't like other children

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BabyBobbins32 Tue 15-Mar-16 13:16:29

Hi All, first time mum looking for some advice...
My 9 month old gets really upset around other children, she reaches for me and is only happy sat on my lap (& even then she can be a bit upset)
I have always taken her to a baby group and she used to love it but now she gets really upset when I put her on the floor. Sometimes she'll start on my lap and then I can eventually move her off if she's distracted and she'll play for a bit but as soon as a child gets too close or makes too much noise she freaks.
We go to a swim class too and actually that's the one place she does seem to love it and doesn't seem bothered by the other kids, even makes noises at them like she's talking to them.
She seems desperate to play with other kids as she watches them and even smiles as they play, she even reaches towards them but as soon as I try to put her next to them she gets really upset.
She seems a bit better with older children, (as long as they aren't too loud!) and she seems to love her cousin (who is older).
I'm sure she'll grow out of it eventually but the problem is I'm about to become a childminder and I'm just worried about firstly how she'll react and secondly how I will cope with how demanding she is.
I'm not sure what's the right thing to do, should I let her sit on my lap and cuddle her when she's upset or should I be a bit more pushy and put her on the floor and sort of let her cry it out a bit (she has full blown, throwing herself around tantrums sometimes so don't really want to do this?!)
One thing I should mention is she isn't moving yet, she sits well and leans around herself to get things but isn't crawling or standing.
Thanks in advance

TheAussieProject Tue 15-Mar-16 21:21:23

I think it is more being separated from you than not liking other children. At 9 months children experience separation anxiety, so if the only moments she gets separated from you is when there are other children around, she might do the association. Try not putting her on the floor but keep he on your lap while she plays.

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