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5yr old DS seems so emotional at the moment? Any advice?

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Mull Mon 14-Mar-16 21:40:07

Hi all,

As said, DS (5) seems really over emotional at the moment. Maybe the last 6 weeks? He bursts into tears and gets really upset at 'silly' things. Seems to be reverting back to tantrums to get his way? He's always been sensitive but there's been a definite ramping up.

School does tire him out (Yr1) but I don't think this is any more than normal. He is working at quite a high level (I swear that's not a stealth boast, just the facts!) and I am a bit concerned that he might be being pushed more than he can cope with emotionally? Could this be a thing?

I don't think he is ill although has had normal winter colds etc in the last few months.

I've asked him why he feels he needs to react like this and he doesn't know why he's doing it.

Can anyone shed any light on what this could be? And how best to deal with it?

MattDillonsPants Tue 15-Mar-16 02:28:40

He's probably tired bless him. I remember mine would sometimes have terms like this when I used to wish half term would just hurry up! Does he eat well? What about giving him a day off this week? Just to let him have a rest? Friday might be an idea so he has a long weekend. I used to do that and mine haven't fallen behind (they're 11 and 8 now)

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