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7 year DS who can't stop yawning at school!

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fancyacoffee Mon 14-Mar-16 14:00:38

His teacher told me the other day that he is constantly putting his head on the table, trying to go to sleep and yawning throughout the day. I feel that she is implying he needs some early nights but he goes to bed at a decent time (8ish and sleeps right through til 7) so I don't think it's that. He doesn't do it over the weekend and not in the afternoon when he gets home. I notice that as soon as I turn into the school driveway, he starts yawning in the car! He just associates school with being tired now and it's creating issues between him and the teacher. Any ideas? I am going to get some multi vitamins with iron for him but not expecting that to eradicate the problem really. Really appreciate hearing about any shared experiences/tips. xx

centigrade451 Mon 14-Mar-16 16:43:08

It could be he is genuinely tired - perhaps from too much or too little sleep. Vitamins won't be much help.

It could be that he is having a very sugar/starch laden breakfast and he is sugar-crashing just as he arrives at school. It could even be the opposite (i.e., not starchy/sugary enough - so he doesn't have energy).

I would first try a different breakfast. Try something like porridge.

It could be the teacher is awful at teaching and he is bored out of his mind or it could be he doesn't naturally learn by just watching/listening but by doing.

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