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Why don't my kids listen until I shout?

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Dunravin Tue 25-May-04 00:29:50

My seven year old and my four year old boys don't listen. My Dad says I should clip them round the earhole! Surely this would cause further damage to their hearing?

Freckle Tue 25-May-04 03:33:20

I don't believe any form of violence will improve the situation and will only teach them that it's OK to hit someone when you don't get what you want. It won't make them listen because children this age don't. I often get their attention by asking in a normal voice if they want some biscuits/chocolate, etc. It's amazing how they manage to hear that having ignored everything I've said up to that point. I then go on to say what I want to say.

SoupDragon Tue 25-May-04 07:38:27

I try whispering. Usually "would you like a biscuit?" followed by a much louder "than do XXX like I asked!"

Whispering does work actually as I think they tune out certain tones of voice.

Piffleoffagus Tue 25-May-04 08:25:10

hmm IMHE in about 6 months time, they will become immune to shouting too, thats the danger period for clobbering...
I withdraw privileges and take away pocket money, and remain TOTALLY firm and calm, this has had more effect than anything!

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