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fussy eater at home - good eater at nursery

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dodi1978 Fri 11-Mar-16 21:46:08

My DS, almost 2.7 is a really good eater at nursery, where he tries / eats almost everything. Also when out and about he can surprise us... went to a botanic garden recently and he grabbed my potato soup from me....

At home, another story. Potatoes, pasta, bread, some fruit, pizza, rice with a curry sauce that I make... well that's pretty much it! He also isn't keen on sitting with us to eat at all.

is there any hope he will grow out of his fussiness at home? I am worried that, once he has got any choice as to what to eat (e.g. at school lunch where there may be a choice), he will fall back to his old favourites and than have a limited choice of foods overall. At the moment, the fact that he eats well at nursery (where he only has one choice), balances things out quite well.

Also, on weekdays, should we 'force' him to sit with us for dinner even if he doesn't want to eat? At the moment, we don't enforce him sitting down to dinner with us, thinking that he has already had a late afternoon meal at nursery. However, that has led to him choosing when he wants to sit with us... normally when there is pasta or any of the other things mentioned above...

MattDillonsPants Sat 12-Mar-16 02:33:05

I have a DD like this. She's 8 now and improved a lot. I did used to make her sit with us...but I'd also ensure that whatever we were eating included at least one thing she liked. That way, she is at least joining in.

Now she eats anything apart from meat or saucy type pastas.

oldlaundbooth Tue 15-Mar-16 18:16:04

DS is exactly the same.

Eats salmon vol-au-vents hmm at nursery and also sorts of stuff like fish, stews, tofu, veg.

Totally different story at home. Limited to toast, bananas, apple sauce, scrambled egg, tortilla, apple, crackers.

Tried him with all sorts of stuff at home - sausage and mash? Nope. Pizza? Nope. Chips? Nope. Veg? etc etc.

I figure he's getting a good variety at nursery.

Bizarrely, if we are out he will often steal my food too - raspberry & dark chocolate croissant in posh cafe? Yes please, mummy! Croissant at home - on yer bike grin

dodi1978 Thu 17-Mar-16 22:34:49

Hah, that's funny, oldlaund! Yes, I must admit, I am not that worried now, just for the future when he has got more choice.
I decided last weekend that I'd do lots of picnic lunches over the summer to get him to eat 'out of context'. Went into town on Saturday and picked up some Strawberries. DS, who has never eaten a strawberry in his life, immediately asked for one and had eaten three by the time we arrived at the car!
Put a few more on his plate at home and no, no way, I am not having THAT!

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