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Is this just DS' natural sleeping pattern or should i try and change it.

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RudeElf Mon 07-Mar-16 21:09:35

DS is 6 and unlike my older DS(10) seems to get creative bursts at night. I send them both to bed at 7/7.30pm and whilst DS1 will read for half an hour and then sleep DS2 will read, colour in, make something, write a story, change pyjamas, come in and out to my room to ask a question, do a jigsaw play with toys. Before finally getting into bed and go to sleep around 10ish and often later. He can be difficult to wake in the morning at 8am and so I insist on the 7/7.30 bedtime but without fail he never goes to sleep then. I dont want to be shouting at him at bedtime, its a horrible way to go off to sleep having been shouted at but i dont know if its ok to just let him carry on with this pattern.

MattDillonsPants Tue 08-Mar-16 00:43:24

I have two the same! DD 1 is 11 and she's always just gone to bed and read for half an hour then slept, DD2 is just turned 8 and like your DS wants to make things, draw etc...she also doesn't settle early like most kids of this age.

I don't worry about it....mine is a bit of an effort to wake up too but I've tried everything. I do sometimes say that drawing and making must be started earlier and stopped before bedtime but then she sneaks out of bed and brings her pens and paper into bed and colours anyway!

RudeElf Tue 08-Mar-16 08:46:58

Well DS woke and dressed himself before 7 this morning and came to tell me he was ready for school hmm grin so i'm assuming he had enough sleep last night?

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