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Reduced time table for ds3

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emmie1b Sat 05-Mar-16 01:58:33

Can anyone help me .My son who is 8yrs old started presenting disruptive behavoiur in november 2015 he is a yr4 .It started when i went off work for a opp however he was distruptive in yr3 and found tranistion from infants to junior school even though they are a primary school .the behavoiur has got worse and worse resulting in me bringing him home then to official exclussions started .he has now been put on a reduced time table . This will be reviewed each week by HT and my self .I have had a meeting with HT ,LA ,SENCO ,NEW HT, CT and my self over a week ago and it was under the LA intruction yesterday that my DS be placed on a reduced time table .They have woodland outreach coming into school to asses Monday, But need help on legal side and what my next steps are . many thanks

Coffeemachine Sat 05-Mar-16 14:21:36

I would repost on the Special Needs Children board. lots of parents there who will know about the legal side of things.

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