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Toddler routine help!

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Pam0077 Thu 03-Mar-16 22:33:07

My son is 13 months and naps twice daily morning and afternoon mainly in his cot. He sleeps in his pram when out but not well, 20 mins here and there. I'm wondering when I will know if he is ready to drop to one nap, and if this is midday how do you other mums manage to leave the house or meet friends/family if your child naps 12-2.30??!! I'm starting to feel a little housebound now! X

bramblina Thu 03-Mar-16 22:40:01

I shifted my ds's sleep pattern when he began to be quite wide awake at bed time- obv. getting too much daytime sleep. I probably missed the morning nap, gave him lunch early then an earlier afternoon nap then he would have had. If you need to go out when he naps, he'll nap in the pram or car, or not. If he's tired, he'll sleep, if he's not, he won't! Don't stress! If he's getting tired but you're not due to go out for another half hour or whatever, put him in his car seat/pram early and then just take him with you when you go. The only thing I was bothered about controlling is not letting the dcs sleep after 3pm ish or they wouldn't want to go to bed in the evening and I would be knackered.

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