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Wet knickers... Help :-(

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PricklyHodgeheg Thu 03-Mar-16 17:56:50

Hi, my DD is 5 and in in reception. She had always been lazy about going for a wee when she needs to and by the end of summer holidays 2015 I was at my wits end because she was wet every day unless I bribed her and reminded get constantly to go to the loo.

She was dry for the first half term at school because she didn't want to be in trouble for wetting (so i know she can do it which makes it so frustrating angry!!) but is now wet every day because she has worked out no one notices.

She also knows she has spare underwater and tights in her bag and I have told her that if she is wet she needs to get changed but she doesn't.

I have tried everything including school nurse, health visitor, the teacher is also being supportive but I can't do anything to make her care enough to go when she needs to.

Dd has told me she doesn't want to stop doing what she is doing so never gets there in time. She also lies when I ask her if she has been dry.

She is otherwise fine at school, she's made some nice friends and is doing well academically.

Any ideas welcome, am almost in tears, I'm so frustrated sad

VerbenaGirl Thu 03-Mar-16 22:12:44

Oh Prickly - I share your frustration. My DD is older now - but we are still struggling. Contact - who are an extremely helpful and supportive charity who specialise in children's continence.

willfuckformichilenstarfood Thu 03-Mar-16 22:15:49

My DSC wets herself if we send her to her room for bad behaviour. She knows that by doing so will allow her out to be showered etc
She does the same as yours out of laziness. It's driving me round the bend! X

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