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Child is unwell and will not eat!

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Gingersnap83 Wed 02-Mar-16 21:01:33

Most children I know are fussy or have had a fussy eating stage but my four year old daughter seems to beat everyone hands down.
She is constantly unwell ( she is off school at least once a month ) and I know it's due to her poor eating habits.
She may have a week or so where she will have a small amount of food but because she refuses to eat any kind of fruit or vegetables or smoothies she is poorly and has dark circles under her eyes.
Shes as stubborn as hell ( i have never met a child like it ) and because of her eating habits she is bad tempered and has poor sleeping habits.
At the moment she is on antibiotics and refusesing to eat even her favorites, and I am thinking she may have to go on some sort of drip to get any vitamins and nutriments ( or may that sound too extreme? I'm just so worried )
What should I do?? i'm very worried about her having health problems in the future.

Pocket1 Wed 02-Mar-16 21:05:57

Poor you. Can you go to your gp and ask for referral to a paediatrician?

Gingersnap83 Wed 02-Mar-16 22:14:29

I have Pocket1
gone to the doctors and we are in the process of taken unrine samples, but at the moment because she is sick it may hinder with test results so I have wait till she better, which she is rarely well due to not eating and the whole cycle begins again. sad

Sirzy Wed 02-Mar-16 22:17:55

What does she eat when she is well?

Do you give her a multivitamin?

Pocket1 Thu 03-Mar-16 10:09:16

Glad you're getting some gp support. My dd was very unsettled for her first 3 months. I was exclusively bf. She needed constant holding, slept badly and cried pretty much all day long. Turned out she had a few food allergies (dairy, nuts and egg) which was affecting her through my milk. It took time to get the right attention (we saw 3 GPs who were pretty useless tbh) and eventually an amazing paediatric team. But we found out the problem and were able to deal with it. Two used in she's doing well, has outgrown most of the allergies and has a great appetite. I never thought we would get here!

I hope you get some results quickly and that your LO is better v soon. My only advice is to push push push and make sure you're seeing experts. We faffed around for too long with our gp! smile

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