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Ranitidine - tips on when to administer

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Elliekb Wed 02-Mar-16 07:18:12

Hi mummies,

After a few weeks of awful sleep, screaming baby and tears (from both of us!) we finally worked out our little man (7 wks old today) has acid reflux. I went to my lovely gp on Monday and asked for ranitidine (after hv said better if you are bf), he's got to have it three times a day, I'm just using trial and error at the moment for when to give it but I wondered if any of you had any advice for the best times/ way to space it out. Reflux for him is worse over night- progressively worse so by 4am it's awful, where's from mid morning onwards he tends to be his usual happy self. just not sure of best times to give it to him, and should it be a certain amount of time in advance of the feed? I should of thought to quiz the Dr more but I was a tad sleep deprived at the time!

slebmum1 Wed 02-Mar-16 07:37:23

It takes a couple of weeks for it to work properly so stick with it. DTs were put on it in SCBU and we were advised to try and give it about 45 mins before a feed if you can figure out when that is likely to be. We always did the three doses during the day.

The dose is weight dependent so as they put on weight you will need to go back and get dose adjusted. Also go will likely have started you on the lowest possible dose so if it doesn't work after a couple of weeks go back.

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