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Does your child’s behaviour get much worse when you go away?

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Pepperminto Tue 01-Mar-16 16:03:22

I have a 6.5 yo son. I’ve always found that his behaviour deteriorates whenever I take him away to visit relatives for the weekend. He gets more hyper (can’t help but bounce of furniture etc), gets annoyed and frustrated more easily, much more demanding of attention, sometimes talks rudely. It comes to a head just as we’re about to leave and I always seem come away feeling like I have a ‘difficult’ child and that I’m a useful parent because I struggle to manage him.

He is an only child (not sure if that matters) and seems to be happiest at home when we’re in a familiar routine - surrounded by his things and in an environment he knows and is certain of.

The odd thing is that he does enjoy visiting family and is always keen to go, so I’m not sure why he’s so difficult. I always make sure there are things for him to do when we’re there. It was a nightmare when he has younger as he inevitably slept badly which seemed to make everything worse, but I hoped it would’ve got better by now.

Anyone else's child like this?

Ferguson Tue 01-Mar-16 18:12:11

I guess children just find being away from their familiar environment a bit 'scary'. Even though they know it SHOULD be enjoyable and interesting, another part of them is tense so they can't feel happy.

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