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How do I deal with hair washing phobia?

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BathshebaDarkstone Mon 29-Feb-16 13:20:35

DS is 4.5, he's gradually getting over his bath phobia (we just had it installed, he's only ever had showers before), now how do I deal with his hair washing phobia? confused

BlueChampagne Mon 29-Feb-16 13:24:40

Dry shampoo? Wash hair in shower? Otherwise you just have to forge on and ignore the screaming! It's a very common phase, if that helps.

Chorltonswheelies422 Mon 29-Feb-16 13:29:22

When my DD had a hair washing fear, we got round it by dollies with long hair joining DD in the bath. DD would tell dolly why they needed a hair wash and talked them through what would happen. DD was congratulated each time a dolly was done and she told dolly how well she had done. Once all the dollies had their hair washed it was DDs turn.

ClarenceTheLion Mon 29-Feb-16 14:08:36

What is his actual phobia? Is it the feeling of the shampoo being rubbed on his scalp, is it water running in his eyes or ears? Work out the exact sensory issues.

teacher54321 Mon 29-Feb-16 19:57:08

Try using a flannel on his head rather than a cup or jug of water? Ds hates having his hair washed if there's even the slightest chance the water might go in his eyes!

Iamfoxy Mon 29-Feb-16 21:38:45

We had the same issue, it went with time. I gave up on the shampoo and used the flannel on the buts I could get too. If it's a bath thing, then how about you sharing a bath or even try swimming pools to get used to the water again. HTH. Good luck X

truthwithin Mon 29-Feb-16 23:39:05

Dd 6 is the same. Loved baths but hair washing was a no-no. I bought a shower speaker and a multi light shower head off ebay. From China £6 at most.

Both will pack up after 6 mths. Then you move to flannel of wiping the face. They will not understand why holding a wet flannel, whilst water drips on them, causes pain.

You will then progress to tipping the head back, babtism style, just so you can really get rid of all that shampoo,(your greatest enemy),; I swear, I am actually hating the flannel. Can it possibly have another way to wash my childs face!

And then the effing temperature changes. You spend half an hour testing and half an hour wiping your sleeves.

Only for your spawn to expect you to lift them , with heavy legs, out of the bath. They whine about being cold, how you dry their hair.


You're annoyed but kind of proud, you're daughter has balls.

StepfauxWife Tue 01-Mar-16 18:35:10

My DD is younger but has always hated having her hair washed. She has so much hair too that it really does need a wash once a week.

She hates the water over her face. She cries so much that she often throws up. We've tried dollies, bribery, flannels. I've just bought one of these cups:

Hope it bloomin works! Will report back

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Tue 01-Mar-16 18:41:35

just harden your heart to the screaming!

two jugs of water, one to wet, teeny tiny amount of shampoo, rinse with a second jug...big cosy wrap in a towel to stifle the hysteria.

it was a whole misery of screaming "it's in my eyes, in my eyeeeeees" from dd
and me yelling "put your chin up! UP ...UP for goodnesssakkkkeee"

no wonder i drink! we tried it all, none of it works, so if her hair needed washed it was as above!

BathshebaDarkstone Wed 02-Mar-16 07:24:37

Thanks for all your replies. StepfauxWife that jug's £7! We live on a very small income.

StepfauxWife Wed 02-Mar-16 18:54:59

We've just used it and she hated it. So don't waste your money!

janethegirl2 Wed 02-Mar-16 19:01:05

My dc were no trouble but my dsis' son hated it until I had all the kids in a bath together and told them I was going to wash their hair. One jug of water to wet, shampoo and another jug to rinse....did them all one after another finishing with d nephew. He didn't even whinge once as mine loved this method. My dsis was totally gob smacked that he was ok with it.

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