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Could this be asd?

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abigail12 Sun 28-Feb-16 21:39:34

My ds is generally a happy loving child but often loses his temper and gets exceeding frustrated and very angry very quickly. This is not everyday but I'm getting increasingly concerned. Looking back he has always had some odd behaviours- which have never been huge problems but now I'm wondering if they all add up to asd or something? He has poor eye contact, sometimes, he's very very clumsy, he takes everything you say literally, he squeezes his hands when excited, he can't play with figures or anything. All games must have a goal. He does very well at school, seems to be sociable enough with other children. Teachers have never noticed any problems

MattDillonsPants Sun 28-Feb-16 23:52:13

Well there are many things it could be...ASD does present differently in all children but to me, what you describe sounds more like anxiety and perhaps sensory difficulties.

Although those DO come alongside ASD, in order for a child to actually be diagnosed with ASD they have to have what's known as "The Triad of Impairments" which are 'difficulty with social communication, difficulty with interaction and difficulty with social imagination"

Some autistic children have delayed speech but some don't. One of the best "quick tests" is the MCHAT which you can complete in minutes at home and then it gives you a risk factor.

Either way, you can see the GP about him, he doesn't need to go along with you...and ask for a referral for assessment.

abigail12 Wed 02-Mar-16 22:33:49

Hi there thanks for replying. I've spoken to his teachers and they don't see any problems, he is an anxious child and together we're going to work on that with him. The anger issues too. Socially he seems fine so hopefully this will be all he needs to help him.

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