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Boys with Constitutional Growth Delay (i.e. small for their age/late developers)

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ItIsHowItIsx Fri 26-Feb-16 10:44:39

My DTs have been diagnosed with Constitutional Growth Delay (healthy, but late physical developers). They are 9 but have bone develpment and size of 6 y.o. They have already become easy targets for bullies and I am worried about how they will deal with this in puberty where the size and development difference will become more apparent. Anyone else dealt or dealing with this. How do you support your dcs?

Lalux Mon 18-Apr-16 11:19:54

Hi we've just had ds' results of his bone age X-ray which show a bone age of 4yrs 4 months (he's 7years 8 months) so I can't help but going through the same thing. He's also started to experience the same at school too.

lljkk Wed 20-Apr-16 14:49:49

How much shorter are they compared to their male peers?

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