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9 month old not sitting very well

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BabyBobbins32 Wed 24-Feb-16 16:29:13

Hi All, I actually posted a thread a bit like this a few weeks ago so sorry for the repeat but nothing has improved...My daughter is 9months and she can sit without support but she flops back quite a lot, not because she can't hold herself because I know she can if she wants to. But because I know she does it sometimes I still have to have pillows behind her. She also throws tantrums and throws herself back head first. She has no fear of banging her head so doesn't attempt to lift her head as she falls. Have I protected her too much that she doesn't have this fear or is this normal? She also seems to like to sit balanced on the back of her bum so her legs are slightly raised in front of her and she must have abs of steel but this is another reason she falls back a lot. I thought by 9 months I wouldn't need the pillows any more but she will hurt her head if I don't...but then she'll never learn about hurting her head if I always protect her...I don't know what to do?! Or is this normal? Any suggestions or words of wisdom would be great. Thank you!

Amy214 Wed 24-Feb-16 21:53:45

My daughter never really sat still and played with toys. She preffered to roll about or crawl even now she never sits still, my daughter also used to throw herself back she soon stopped when she realised she was hurting herself, it sounds terrible but sometimes they do have to learn for themselves, unless its a safety issue like jamming fingers or playing with the oven door then you can step in, but i prefer to let my daughter find out for herself but i always comfort her, she also might be doing it to get a reaction i know my daughter does that because she finds it funny so i usually ignore it unless shes really hurt but shes 2 now so there is an age difference, i hope that made sense

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