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15 week old will not be put down

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24hourM0MMY Wed 24-Feb-16 00:46:05

15 week old DD is driving me crazy. Not only can I not put her down for even the amount of time it would take me to go for a pee without her whimpering/crying/screaming, she only ever naps for 30 mins at a time!!!!! As you can imagine, my days are nothing but putting a baby to sleep 5-6 times a day, frantically trying to get something/anything done in the 30 mins she's asleep, and keeping her occupied in between. Occupying her usually entails walking around the house with her, playing with her on the floor. If I leave her to do anything, she is UPSET. She hates the carrier and the sling I bought, hates her playmat, hates the bouncer/rocker. Only me in her face chatting and making faces pleases her. I can't do it anymore. What can I do? I barely eat some days. Btw, this is my second child, first was similar but not this bad. Thank the gods her brother (5) is at school all day.

24hourM0MMY Wed 24-Feb-16 00:48:07

Might I add that she cries in her carseat and pram as well. Life has never been this hard.

WanderingTrolley1 Wed 24-Feb-16 00:52:36

If she were my daughter, she would have to cry sometimes - once put some place safe.

You need to take care of you, too!

NewNameNoFace Thu 25-Feb-16 14:48:44

If she is crying so much anyway it won't make much difference if she is crying in your arms or crying alone in cot/playmate while you eat and drink. You need to have a break from the constant grind a baby can bring.

How is she feeding? Have you tried putting her into the pram/sling after a feed when sleepy

It's just a phase it will pass, but flowers until it does.

stellak9 Thu 25-Feb-16 20:18:44

Mommy you almost described my 13 week old son. Even for these half hour naps I have to hold him otherwise he'll nap for just a few minutes and continue to be cranky. If I let him cry without holding him (so I can eat) it's even harder to settle him afterwards. They're too young and still feel they are part of us. I've read that around 6-7 months they finally realise that mum and baby are not one. Be patient and it will pass, they say. I try to remember that in the first year everything is a phase.

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