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someone reminds me when it gets easier

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waitingforsomething Tue 23-Feb-16 14:18:40

My DS is 7mo. He's lovely and his sleep has indeed improved however everything else is feeling like an uphill struggle.
He hates drinking milk which isn't great
He is cuttings massive top teeth so grizzles and has disturbed sleep all the time
I cant work out his napping. He's currently been awake for 3.5 hours and is still making a royal fuss about having a nap.
It was so much easier when he just drank milk 3 hourly and needed to sleep all the time. I am not enjoying this and if anything it's getting harder.

I have an older dc - I know it gets better I really do but I am struggling to remember when - it's getting me down

steelbutterfly Wed 24-Feb-16 03:05:50

Poor you. I feel your pain, didn't want to read and run! When it's hard it's very hard isn't it.
I don't know if you've read this or not but I found ' The Baby Whisperer' book so useful. Helped me to understand different baby personality types etc. Every baby is totally different and your 7 mo will have quirks that your older one never had. Also I think the genius of childbirth and child rearing is that you forget the dark times very quickly!!
I often read the sentence 'this too shall pass' on here, which is important to remember. Everything is a phase.
We all have times when it all feels like a massive uphill struggle, you're not alone.
Ps if teeth are the issue, I used Anbesol after trying everything else, only thing that worked imo.

waitingforsomething Wed 24-Feb-16 07:19:27

Thank you- I haven't tried that teething gel so I will do. I remember feeling like this when dd was a baby - it's just not my stage and I feel guilty for finding it tough when actually some nights he sleeps 6.30-5.30/5.45 if not teething which is amazing but still I hate the early start and the inevitable grizzling by 7.30am!

I wish I could enjoy it but the endless feeding/naps/consoling/teething feels impossible at the moment. You're right- it will pass and he he will be a noisy toddler in no time !

Jw35 Wed 24-Feb-16 07:24:42

It gets easier around a year! That's what I thought at the time! Mine's 14 months now but I remember 6-12 months being difficult! If it wasn't teething it was nap issues or illness or frustration etc. once she started getting more mobile and stopped teething all the time it did feel a bit easier. Now she just has one nap for 2-3 hours and I love the predictability of it! I do miss my baby though! Treasure it even though it's hard!

Needmorewine Wed 24-Feb-16 07:35:19

That 6-12 month stage is horrendous. Hang on in there it honestly does get easier. Second the anbesol suggestion. brew. In another month or so it should hopefully be starting to get warmer and lighter as well which I think makes it seem easier, you can be outside a bit more. My first winter with a baby that wasn't a newborn but wasn't a proper toddler nearly killed me !!!

waitingforsomething Wed 24-Feb-16 08:18:06

Haha thanks all. I am doing my best to treasure it as he will be my last and he is total cuteness but oh my it's so frustrating! I can't even remember when I found her easier but I started trying for another when she was 18mo so I must have been ok about it by then!
I forgot the horror of teething. Poor little guy has a tooth diagonally half way through the gum at the top- looks painful.
Dh and I were taking at 5.30am this morning about how easy it is when they can at least understand. It's not too far away...I must keep telling myself!

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