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do your children occupy themselves?

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littleraysofsunshine Sun 21-Feb-16 08:09:52

We have. 5,3.5,&2 year old. We've had a lovely half term, I've done days out, relaxed mornings with no plans, along with the normal challenges that can sometimes arise.

The thing in finding hard is that I want to spend time doing more with them, or like on weekends (I know they don't really have much concept of time) we try to get them to know its a time to take it slow, before back to school. A time to rest if needed for instance.

We would like to try a take it in turns for a lie in even if for an hour but the kids will not make it easy. I'm 33 weeks pregnant with #4, anaemic and feeling shattered so I am trying to incorporate that rest is good to re charge.

Wake ups are still in the night with 2yo, then the older two will wake about 6/6:30. Usually school days they don't want to move.

3.5yo will sometimes watch a bit of a DVD. 2yo will demand milk, not sit still, ask for mummy, then daddy, vice versa, still obviously tired. Now 5yo is making me feel so guilty all the time at weekends. She doesn't do DVDs, or chill time really. I suggest looking at some books or play quietly while the other two aren't in the way which they sometimes do. But she will say no, give me puppy dog eyes, and say she wants to read together, she wants to talk, keep hugging me, and wanting to do everything right then. Asking questions after questions.

Now this is lovely in so many ways as I miss her dearly when at school. I constantly feel guilty that the time has come already, I want to have more one to one time but also I find it so challenging as I need rest too, especially early in the morning before the day starts. Half the time I wonder if she is hugging because she wants to or just because she doesn't want me to do anything else.

So this morning I have spent sobbing in the living room (guilt/ hormones) and feeling like a shit mum for thinking that a bit of rest should be knowledge in a home.

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