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My 12 month old won't let me hold or cuddle him it's making me so sad

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Pam0077 Fri 19-Feb-16 21:26:28

My 12 month old has always been active and squirmy, I thought after a year he would enjoy sitting with me for cuddles or rest his head on me but no, never. It's making me feel ill with the upset of it as I crave the bonding feeling and it's like he's pushing me away and fighting me all the time. He won't sit on my lap when out, writhes to get down and at home he has a tantrum and arches his back. He's a smiley boy but I feel like I've never had that mummy feeling and it's making me so sad inside x

paintandbrush Fri 19-Feb-16 21:43:26

aww don't worry! I was like that as a kid, still just not really the demonstrative type. maybe you can just enjoy eye contact, reading stories beside him on the bed, that kind of bonding.

scarednoob Fri 19-Feb-16 22:34:39

Me too! My mum used to say that she had to wait until I was crying already to get a cuddle. If she tried to cuddle me at night, I'd try to push her off in my sleep, saying, "excuse me! Excuse me!"

But it didn't stop us being really close and it didn't mean I didn't love her to bits. Just because I wasn't cuddly (I'm still not, poor old DP!) didn't mean I didn't show it in other ways. I am sure your DS will be the same!

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