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4 teeth in (out!) and I've just been asked if I do it (tooth fairy)!

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memum1 Fri 19-Feb-16 20:58:39

My 6 year old said " Come on mummy, be honest for real life, it's you isnt it?" I lied through MY teeth of course and then we get on to father Christmas! I've made great efforts with very tiny notes with tiny writing for each tooth so far and a pound/chocolate coins. She says says people at school say it's not true sad. Anyone else had this at such an early age?

brotherphil Mon 22-Feb-16 23:45:05

My oldest (12) says that he knows it's me, but plays along - the Christmas before last, he was not quite asleep when I tiptoed in (dressed up, of course) and said that the reindeer were too noisy - then next morning told the younger two that Santa accidentally woke him up.

Not sure what DS2(7) thinks, but he's not given any indication of thinking that we might "help" anthropomorphic personifications.

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