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One year old constant battle

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Pam0077 Wed 17-Feb-16 11:24:52

I have posted on here a few times due to my lively, independent DS1. He is soon to turn 1 next week, and I still feel as though every day is a battle with him. For instance, changing his nappy he fights me, meal times he often just refuses, sitting on my lap hardly ever. He is a happy boy but the wriggling, protesting and fighting me is really getting me down after a year! I know having kids isn't easy, but I feel like at 1yr I expected life to be getting a bit easier but it's one phase of battling after another. I just wanted other mum's views as I'm desperately holding on for 15/16 months when I'm told things may change! Thanks xx

Mrscog Wed 17-Feb-16 20:20:05

Mine was like that although he was angelic until 10 months so it came as a proper shock. I dealt with it by going back to work full time so I only had to deal with it 2 days a week. It got better around 20 months when he could verbalise a bit more and was slightly easier to manage.

Have you tried giving him a toy to hold during nappy changes? Or standing up nappy changes whilst he plays with toys on a low table?

MingZillas Wed 17-Feb-16 21:32:49

Lots of sympathy flowers

I really struggle with my 19 month old dd who currently likes to scream all the time. It's getting me so down and fed up. Not sure what the answer is unfortunately.

Pam0077 Fri 19-Feb-16 20:15:41

Thanks it's reassuring to know its relatively normal! Tonight he arched his back while on my knee to get down and had a real strop! He seems to just want to get away or get down constantly and I'm starting to feel quite fed up x

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