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How to stop conflicts

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TrafficJunkie Wed 17-Feb-16 07:41:51

This js something in my 9 years as a parent to my kids I haven't been able to sort out.

I have 4 boys. Close in ages, oldest being 9 youngest is almost 6.
One has autism, mostly reclusive but is prone to emotional outbursts. Self managed quite well and has support, but when the siblings push the right buttons....

Another one has autistic or adhd traits and can be a real handful. Is over the top with everything and usually the centre of conflicts.

My second born is going through a hitting phase... Im sure it going to pass and our family situation is probably causing an overflow of anger which should ebb away once we have adjusted to my ex leaving.

My youngest tends to get quite shouty at the drop of a hat.

With all this in mind, massive arguments can break out and are starting to become more physical now they are older.

Is there a technique I'm missing out on?

I separate them when anything starts and then encourage apologies and reconciliation, alongside talking through how they feel with me.

But how to get it through that it's not ok to flare up at each other over the smallest thing??

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