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Oh god the clinginess!

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Ds is 4 next month and over the last month or so has become ridiculously clingy. He has been ill with a chest infection so I know where it's come from but I'm at my wits end with it. He won't let DP do anything with him - it's always 'mummy's special day', which means I go downstairs with him, get breakfast, help with dressing and teeth, help getting in car, do bath, stories etc. Every bloody day. If DP steps in to give me a break it just ends in sobbing and screaming for me. He's constantly attached to me, even getting in my bed at night and cuddling up to me. I'm his best friend apparently.

He's not ill anymore (although says he is along with fake coughing to get my attention) and I really need this to stop. I work full time and it's exhausting having him attached to me every moment I'm at home. Any suggestions?

Oh, and just to make things even better he's just started pooing his pants every day for no reason other than he 'doesn't know how to go to the toilet'. Give me strength!

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