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6 year old -stealing money from childminder

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iamworkingonit Wed 10-Feb-16 21:34:02

Got a call from school today. My son had a £20 note in his hands during phonics. The teachers handled the matter discreetly and my son came up with a variety of stories about where it came from and how he got it.
After prompting him tonight and tears he told me he took it from the childminder/friend of friend this morning. I was shocked. He also told me he had taken £5 the morning before but it got lost. I have texted the childminder to arrange to have a talk. My son was very upset and fragile so I gave him lots of hugs and told him he had done the right thing by telling me the truth. I also told him it is wrong to steal and that the childminder works hard and cares about him, I haven't talked to him about trust yet. He has been saying to me he is a bad boy and what he did was wrong.
I just need a bit of help with how to deal with this?
My son is a lively energetic boy who, who just lately seeks approval from his peers and will push boundaries. He is generally respectful towards others and is not mean or unkind. He is also sensitive, loving and articulate.

RB68 Thu 11-Feb-16 11:46:14

talk abut decision making being bad and not him per se. He made a poor decision and this has a big impact on other people, what does it mean to not have the £20 for the childminder etc. Talk about the value of money, often children don't truly understand this. Maybe its time for a small amount of pocket money so he has some within his control as such.

amarmai Thu 11-Feb-16 23:22:38

also try role playing to see what he may have done with the money e.g. another child demanding it?You be him and say i brought the money for you and see what he says in the role of another child. or use puppets or teddies.

Kleinzeit Fri 12-Feb-16 10:47:47

When you talk to the childminder arrange with her for your DS to return the £20 to her and to say sorry for taking both that and the £5 (preferably he should return that too, does he have pocket money or birthday money he can take it out of?) Maybe make her a card to say sorry.

He will probably hate doing it but that's part of the point and he will feel better afterwards.

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