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6 year old DS spilling drinks - constantly

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FrazzleRock Mon 08-Feb-16 18:25:43

Is this normal for a 6 almost 7 year old? Or should I get him checked out? Sometimes I'm so tired of clearing up spilt drinks that I go through phases of giving him a baby cup with a lid.

As soon as we go back to proper cups, he spills them again.

I'm at the end of my tether and he can't possibly carry on having sippy cups forever.

Artandco Mon 08-Feb-16 18:33:50

Are you giving him plastic ones still or regular glasses? I find plastic ones rubbish as they are light and tip easier. Glass with a thick bottom at much better

mrsjskelton Mon 08-Feb-16 18:41:25

I would expect a child from age 5 onwards to reliably carry a proper cup with the odd accident! A friend of mine has dyspraxia affecting his ability to keep things from spilling - I imagine he was like this at age 7!

SewSlapdash Mon 08-Feb-16 18:44:04

Have his eyes checked. Seriously.

SevenSeconds Mon 08-Feb-16 18:46:51

My DC spilt drinks constantly and it drove me mad! They were OK by age 6 though. Is he uncoordinated in other ways too? I wonder if you should consider dyspraxia?

Micah Mon 08-Feb-16 18:48:13

My 7 and 10 year olds still have lidded cups as they can't be trusted not to spill. Inattention mostly.

MaximumVolume Mon 08-Feb-16 18:52:11

My 3 year old can be trusted to carry drinks and drink from them / put them down without spilling except for very occasionally. At 6 I'd be wondering what's going on. Do you see it happen? Is he knocking them over/ not putting them down on a flat surface/ putting them on the floor to be kicked/ wobbling when he carries?

FrazzleRock Mon 08-Feb-16 19:20:57

His eyes have been checked recently, all fine.

He has a mix of either plastic cup or a glass. Both get spilt. He is extremely easily distracted though. So much so I thought he had a hearing problem, but I tried the 'biscuit' test and he heard that first time.

I have considered dispraxia, but I don't know anything about it. I know it's more than being just clumsy? Perhaps it's worth a research.

FrazzleRock Mon 08-Feb-16 19:22:37

maximum I don't see it happen. I always take his drink to the table when he's eating a meal. It's when I'm out the room when it happens. They do have the TV on, so I guess it's a huge distraction, but I would expect him to be able to watch TV and have a drink without spilling at 6/7 years old!

MaximumVolume Wed 10-Feb-16 09:16:28

Maybe try a "no TV" meal & see if that makes a difference. It sounds like he's knocking them over if you're taking it to the table for him. Is he quite excitable? Who clears up? Maybe he could help with mopping? Just thinking if it's thoughtlessness that might make him think twice!

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