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9 year old acting out

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Daniellem1988 Mon 08-Feb-16 09:31:19

I'm new to this site and hoping someone in here can help pin point what's wrong with my daughter I'm 37 weeks pregnant almost and the past few weeks her behaviours been terrible answering back stroppyness not doing as she's told door slamming the list is endless I know she was having fall outs with a friend at school being mean to her which I've been into school about but when Ive tried sitting down and talking to her she assures me it's not that I have been extremely poorly throughout my pregnancy with dehydration and sickness hyper (whatever its called) which is still no better and as you can imagine making me very weak I feel so guilty for shouting at her we have always had a good relationship I'm starting to wonder if it's cause we don't do much together but I do take her out for pub lunches or buy her something new whenever I get paid I'm doing this all on my own so any advice before baby comes will be greatly appreciated

OzzieFem Wed 10-Feb-16 10:54:11

Your having a second child. She is afraid you will be so taken up with the baby to come that you will not have time for her. Have you got her involved in the preparation for the babe?

There are lots of sites giving advice on this.

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