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8 yr old not sleeping on her own

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theclick Mon 08-Feb-16 08:37:33

Friend of mine spent half of our catch up yesterday talking about how her eight year old won't sleep on her own. I Kind of nodded at all of it and didn't want to say anything because damned if you do and damned if you don't but is this ok? (I mean I feel it isn't but is this something you've had experience with?). Seems that every single night she is either in her parents bed or finds an excuse to crawl into it afterwards and she's exhausted because of it. I thought it could be separation anxiety but is that really this?

Daniellem1988 Mon 08-Feb-16 09:54:04

My daughters 10 in September and still does this is she an only child ?? I found establishing a routine sometimes helps she will have a bath brush her teeth then we will either read a book together or I'll give her a book to read to herself I'd take away any tvs tablets phones ect ... as they are too over stimulating for bedtime a hot drink sometimes helps to settle her too like a hot chocolate or warm milk she could even try saying if daughter stays in her own bed all week then she can get a special treat at the weekend it can be anything as little as a new dvd/toy or McDonald's but make sure u only reward her if she sticks to it it maybe she's going to bed too early too mine goes at 9/9:30 x

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