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thumb-sucking/big bed/potty training??

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Buffnutter Sun 07-Feb-16 16:57:38

DS is 2yrs 8 months, so will be 3 in June. He's happy to use the potty after his bath when he's running around naked (for both pee and poo), but although in pull ups now, he is completely uninterested in using it during the day - I think mainly because he doesn't want to break off from playing! We are in no desperate rush to potty train and are happy to go at his pace, thinking we might wait until the summer when he can run around pants off in the warmer weather etc (unless he is obviously ready sooner). He's also still in a cot at the moment, and although he could climb out for now he doesn't. I'd very happily leave him in a cot until he is too big or it gets dangerous with him climbing out but I'm just wondering whether ideally he should be in a big bed before potty training so he can easily get out for a wee at night? Someone told me that ideally when you potty train that should be the end of nappies both day time and night time - any thoughts on that? He is also a BIG thumbsucker - but should we leave trying to reduce that until we've sorted big bed and potty training?? No second child on the way to help decide order/timings so any advice very welcome!

KW89 Mon 08-Feb-16 21:16:22

Hi, my DS was 2 in Sept. We went bed, potty, (still has dummy at night) For a few weeks before his birthday he would use the potty if he didn't have a nappy on such as bathtime like your DS, he then progressed to asking to use it in the day (while still in nappies) but wasn't consistent, some days he would use it once, others three or four times. Then suddenly a couple of days after his birthday he asked for big boy pants! We had 3 days where he had the odd accident, and he has been dry since, definately wait til he is ready, so easy when they want to do it! As for night time he refused to wear nappies as soon as he was out of them in the day, (we used pull ups, telling him that they were bedtime pants!) he was wet for maybe a week after being day dry, and has only had 5-6 wet nights since, normally when he's ill, we are coming to the end of the packet so going to go it without very soon! My DS went into a bed at about 22 months, but we did have another baby on the way, and wanted it done before his brother was born, or I would have kept him in the cot longer, I was really nervous about it, but luckily haven't had any issues. The odd time that he has needed a wee in the night he shouts, he doesn't get out of bed!
My DS is not a thumbsucker, but does still have a dummy in bed hmm not sure how to take it away?! He has usually spat it out by the time I go to bed and pop my head in to check on him so I don't think it's a major issue if it helps him fall sleep.
I guess it depends on your child as to what order you would do things, if he would get up and use the toilet independently during the night then it might be good to get him into a bed first, or if like mine he is just going to shout then it will make no difference anyway! Also, it often takes alot longer for children to be dry at night even once they are dry in the day, so once he is dry in the day, it doesn't necessarily mean he'll wake for a wee in the night if he needs one. Good luck with all smile

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