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2 year old not eaten properly for weeks

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LimesMum Thu 04-Feb-16 15:13:42

Wondering if anyone else has experience of this? My daughter has not eaten a proper hot meal for weeks. She picks at snacky type food and will sometimes have a sandwich and usually eats breakfast but will not eat meals like fish pie, cottage pie, spag Bol - things she normally loves!

Apparently she eats at nursery which frustrates me!! But maybe that's the peer pressure? Even around her cousins at home she won't eat when they do tho.

She has got her 2 back molars in the last few weeks and we are waiting on the top 2

Just wondered if anyone else has experience d anything similar and if it could be related to her teeth?

I've been told not to feed her between meals to ensure she is hungry but that doesn't make any difference!

Thanks in advance

Shannonl96 Thu 04-Feb-16 15:36:59

My son is 2 and was exactly the same I questioned the health visitor as just like your daughter he would eat at nursery and not at home wasnt until i realise you just you he had teeth coming through. She advised me to use softer foods and it worked, he eat soft things like bread and bananas until his teeth came through and sure enough was back to normal. Just now unfortunately going through the whole 'i dont like it stage'

LimesMum Fri 05-Feb-16 20:47:47

Thanks!! Glad to hear we aren't the only ones with this!! It's starting to drive me mad. Don't know whether to just let her eat whatever she wants or for example if she refuses to eat (tonight was mash and fish which she normally loves) should I be telling her that's it you don't get any dessert or anything else unless you eat all your dinner. She ended up having weetabix for dinner tonight confusedconfused

toffeeboffin Fri 05-Feb-16 20:50:13

I could have written your post, OP.

My DS is exactly the same. He's two and basically snacks all the time. Eats at nursery though.

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