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4 year old and "The night poo"

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fishandlilacs Thu 04-Feb-16 09:26:55

My son turned 4 last month. Dry in the day for about a year now and will poo on the toilet quite happily in the day and usually does a few times a week in the day and wipes his bum quite well.

However, he's still wet at night, we keep him in night time pull ups for now. Have tried to stop him using them but we simply had nothing but wet sheets everyday for weeks. Bed mats etc are wholly ineffective as he wriggles too much and they just ruck up or he's off them.

Just lately (probably 6 weeks or so) He's been pooing in his pull up almost every single day. he seems to be doing it very early in the morning. he's always been an early riser (as a family we get up by 6 every day for work etc) but the poo has clearly been there quite a while by the time I come to clean it off, he's getting sore.

If I talk to him about it he just gets upset.

What can we do to move him toward dryness and stopping these night poos

OzzieFem Wed 10-Feb-16 12:33:59

Has his diet changed recently?

plantsitter Wed 10-Feb-16 12:35:17

Is he scared to go to the loo at night? My4 yr old was. We leave the landing light on and itseems to have sorted the prob.

Juanbablo Wed 10-Feb-16 14:57:35

I read something about this and reducing fruit intake in the afternoon stopped the problem.

Cressandra Fri 12-Feb-16 21:50:15

There's a strong reflex that triggers pooing after meals and snacks. Try moving his tea earlier, or stopping bedtime milk/snack if he has any, and encourage him to sit on the loo with his feet well supported for a few mins at bedtime.

Also is everything set up so he can get to the loo easily in the night? Is he pooing asleep or awake?

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