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Potty Training 3 year old

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ticktocktime2rock Thu 04-Feb-16 09:05:07

DS has just turned three and had never showed the signs that he's ready for potty training. Not sure if he knows when he needs to go for a wee. He's the only one not potty trained in his class at nursery so I've decided to go for it and start today. So far since I've put him in pants this morning he's cried and cried. I don't know how long to perservere as i don't want to put him off but I know it needs to be done. Any advice would be appreciated!

starpatch Fri 05-Feb-16 19:26:23

It's a personal thing so what works for you. My DS was potty trained later too . had previous attempts but out of nappies in day at 3.4 and dry at 3.6. From 2.8 he usually had bare bottom at home so practice seeing in potty, didn't poo in potty until 3.2. If u feel your DS is ready then go for it but 3 is still going lots of children not potty trained at 3 so don't feelressured.

superzero Sat 06-Feb-16 10:30:25

I have 3 boys.DS1 potty trained at 2.5 in 48 hours.DS2 refused until was 3 then also took 2-3 days.DS3 is nearly 3 and is not interested but have tried a couple of mornings when we've had time.Have managed 1 wee on the potty so far but he usually says no pants,potty tomorrow and cries.With the other 2 it was important that they were able to wet themselves a few times to see what happens with no nappy,I think that gave them the trigger to realise when they needed to go.I would go for pants in a bigger size than age so they can easily get them up and down and trousers or shorts that are they same.I let mine play with the potty nearby and kept asking them if they needed a wee repeatedly and asked them to go and sit on it.If they have had a big drink it is easier to predict.I'm a big fan of bribes and rewards ,after a couple of weeks they stop expecting sweets so it is just temporary.I think when they are ready it should be fairly quick.Personally,as DS3 is getting upset by it and doesn't need to be trained until starts school nursery,I'm going to hold off until much nearer the time even if he will be just over 3.If your potty training doesn't go anywhere this weekend I would stop then try again after short break but carry on talking about it,reading potty books,practising with pulling trousers up & down until then.Good luck

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