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I cannot cope!

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HowTheFuckDoIDoThis Tue 02-Feb-16 17:19:34

Woke up this morning to bickering, arguing, refusal to get dressed with bickering inbetween it all! After ive given them the correct clothes im told "i dont know where it is" so another slight refusal to get ready.
They finally get ready and bickering continues. Sometimes getting physical my teeth only get a 30 second super speed scrub as i cannot leave them for 20 seconds it seems without them kicking shit out of each other. By this time my 11 year old has usually joined in the bickering.

I get them to school and can breathe. Pick up times comes and it starts as soon as we leave the school grounds, literally. My 7 year old wants to wind his 5yo brother up and makes it his mission, daily!
Hes got told off and cried, screamed and squaked his way home.
Fighting in the street. I told them they arent doing what they want to do until they have helped tidy. Screaming and squaking comes from 7yo. They help a little, but during this end up bickering and fighting so a quick 10 minute tidy is 45 fucking minutes.
Sent to bedrooms, time outs etc.
Still dealing with screaming from 7yo.
The neighbours must think i kick shit out if them or something. I wouldnt care if i did lift my hands, but i dont!
The noise is unbareable and i cannot take it.
By 5 and 7 they should be able to follow basic rules!
Making tea is made very hard as i have to break up fighting.
Then they tell me im nasty as i spend all of my time telling them off for their behaviour!
They tell me they want to go to dads as im horrible.
Yet there is no let up of them actually stopping for even one minute to listen to me. No matter how firm i stay!

I cannot cope with worrying about the neighbours. I worry the police are going to turn up. I worry social services are going to come knocking.
Its absolutely ridiculous! I do have severe anxiety and it really doesnt help!

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Tue 02-Feb-16 17:34:11

Sounds like a competition thing!!

You can turn it around - but your stuck as you dread the morning and pick up time - so you are on the back foot to start with.

Get a sticker chart - dressed teeth books PE kit breakfast - to only when every one ready -

Any fighting loses both 15 mins wifi/tv

Continued fighting results in more jobs/less wifi etc

Stick with it!

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