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3.8 yo DD elongating vowel sounds

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Atathania Mon 01-Feb-16 16:55:48

Noticed recently than DD1 really elongates her vowels if she's asking a question - so 'why' is 'whyy-yy-yy' and the last word of a question is the same ('Mummaaaay? Shall I get DD2 a ve-ee-est?')

She's been seen by a SALT who says her verbal quirks are ones she'll grow out of but has anyone got any experience of this? I model sentences back to her but her intonation is quite... grating! Is she just experimenting with it now she has enough words for complex sentences, do you think?

(Hearing test also showed no issues)

Floowho Wed 03-Feb-16 20:11:46

Perhaps she knows it annoys you. Like you say, she is probably experimenting with sounds. If the speech therapist has no worries, I would let her get on with it. You could try ignoring her until she speaks properly.

elfycat Wed 03-Feb-16 20:18:50

Is she watching something on TV? I've had to get the Scottish 'ooo' out of some of my daughter's words (no offence to the Scottish accent but combine that with the Suffolk 'i' and I'm going to start twitching five as in f-oiyyyyy-ve if you haven't been here. By Noiyyyyyn I've had enough of the counting to ten malarkey )

Fucking Katie Morag.

I found DD2 particularly good at picking up stray vowels. DD1 was under SALT because hearing loss made her miss soft consonants and word endings. I just want my kids to talk clearly.

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