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2.4yo chewing everything - due to new baby, I suspect

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Juniper4004 Sun 31-Jan-16 11:56:31

For the last few weeks, my 2.4yo daughter has been chewing anything and everything. Since the baby was born a week ago, it's got worse and worse.

She seems to constantly have something in her mouth. I've just noticed she'd chewed the side of her cot and taken the varnish off, exposing splinters too sad If she can't get hold of something solid to chew then she'll chew her hands. She's never been a chewer so this is quite a marked change.

It's not teething as she has had all of her teeth for at least 4 months (that's when she saw the dentist).

DP and I are both at home full time at the moment (DP is on paternity leave) and we're trying to make sure that DD1 is not being left out or neglected, but inevitably things have changed and I am attached to the baby for a good portion of the day. DD also seems really emotional at the moment and close to tears a lot of the time. I have asked her how she's feeling (she's an articulate little thing) but she says she's happy. I don't want to suggest to her that she's upset by the baby as I don't want to be feeding her ideas if it's not the case.

I'm trying my best to spend some 1:1 time with DD1 and I'm giving her plenty of cuddles and affection, but it's hard to juggle both.

Any suggestions about how to go forwards? Do I allow the chewing or do I try to stop it / redirect it? Some of the things she's chewing are not safe to chew (cot splinters in mouth, for example) but I figure it's providing her with comfort so she must need it?

Ferguson Sun 31-Jan-16 19:37:22

These are really for teething babies, but there may be similar things she could have in her mouth that are not 'food' and not harmful:

Older children, I guess, could have chewing gum, but she is probably too young for that.

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