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no routine for my baby

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waitingforsomething Sun 31-Jan-16 11:07:14

DS is 6.5 months. He's lovely and happy, eating 3 meals most days which he loves.
He doesn't have an iota of routine though apart from bedtime. I have an older DD so morning sleeps are often 'on the go' as she needs to get out and then he sleeps once more in the afternoon for any amount of time.
He drinks milk at random times of day (when he demands it) which is sometimes not at all apart form morning and eve, and sometimes 3 times.
This morning he had been asleep over 2 hours as he woke a bit earlier than normal for the day and was tired by 9am. I don't want to wake him as he's obviously tired but I think he's going to sleep till lunch...
He almost sleeps through but is restless sometimes from 5ish and needs a bit of help between 5-6am. His bedtime is 6.45 same time as DD after a bath.- he's totally cool with this and falls asleep quickly and without assistance.
Does it matter that he's so routine less? I'm more of a routine type but he just isn't falling into one Which is the opposite of DD. Am I being unfair not to make sure he gets 2-3 cot naps a day? Anyone else have a routine free baby?!

Needfinsnow Sun 31-Jan-16 11:13:07

No advice sorry op but he sounds blissfully happy. So long as he and you are happy and he's getting all the sleep and milk/ food he needs (as he sounds like he is!) I'd be tempted to stick with what you are doing and congratulate yourself on a job well done! X

MummySparkle Sun 31-Jan-16 11:24:23

Yep! We have two routine free babies, now 3 and 20months.

They now tend to have their meals at the same times each day and go to bed at the same time. Sometimes they both nap in the car, if we're at him DC1 doesn't usually nap and we put DC2 in her cot for a snooze after lunch.

They're happy and healthy and it means we don't have to plan our days around them needing meals / sleeps at exact times

waitingforsomething Sun 31-Jan-16 11:42:35

Glad he's not the only one! It just doesn't seem to suit him and I just can't bear to wake him when he sleeps even if it's a bit random.
I do feed him when DD eats and he goes to bath and bed at same time but that's it!

UmbongoUnchained Sun 31-Jan-16 11:48:49

I never had a routine for mine. I basically did everything with mine that everyone told me not too, and I have one of the most content and happiest toddlers out of my group.

Ferguson Sun 31-Jan-16 19:42:12

As long as he is content and thriving, I don't see why a 'routine' would be of much benefit to any of you.

c737 Sun 31-Jan-16 20:07:34

Really glad you posted this OP as my 4.5 month old has no routine whatsoever, not even a set bedtime/wake up time/feeding times. I know he's younger but I was feeling bad about it as having my older dd seems to dictate that he can't really have set nap times in cot but as PP's have said he does seem like a happy, thriving baby so perhaps I need to chill about it too. Would be nice to have a set bedtime though and a bit of an evening to ourselves so hoping that evolves in the next few months.

BooChickpea Mon 01-Feb-16 13:03:15

My ds is 7.5 months and the only routine we really have is bedtime which seems to really work for him as he's a great sleeper. The rest of the day though and his routine varies a bit, he gets 3 meals and 4(ish) bottles when he wants them and he's a happy wee rascal. Sounds like your LO is happy too! When they're so young I just go with what suits him.

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