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Child with no fear!!

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Hawest1 Sat 30-Jan-16 22:46:10

Ds2 is just over 1 & a half & I swear he is bullet proof!!
He is constantly climbing, falling, fighting, walks into things, face plants, throws himself off things & he walks away quite happy!
He constantly climbs my dining table & the other day actually threw himself from the top of it after I went to get him down. Same day, I went for a shower & as always take him upstairs with me, when I pulled back the shower curtains to exit there he was sat in the sink attempting to eat toothpaste!!
He picks fights with bigger kids, he is a little wind up merchant & punching sweets, juice, anything that he knows will rouse a reaction from the other party.
He falls, or walks into walls/doors etc about a million times a day & doesn't seem to care atall! He split his head open a couple months back & he actually got angry with me for not letting him play! My exact words were 'excuse me son but your head is actually pouring blood so no u can't play we r going to the docs' *screaming match!!*
Nothing bothers him, I swear he could break a leg & still walk away like nothing had happened!!
The worst part about all this is, these events aren't just one offs, he repeats them near enough everyday!! I mean, surely he would learn from them? Surely he would think 'oh that hurt the last time so I'll not do it again' but nope!!!!
I often hear stories about people that are actually able to leave the room for more than 5mins & come back to the kids & surrounding area in the same state they were left in. I actually dream about being one of those people! If I leave a room for more than 5mins I'm scared ds2 has used the bookcase as a ladder & will be eating the fish from the fish tank!!
Please tell me I'm not the only one with an adventurous child that has no fear!?

starpatch Mon 01-Feb-16 21:18:49

Not so extreme but my DS was adventurous at that age. Now he is 3 he is quite cautious. I know its a worry though. I took mine out of house to parks a lot (at least all morning and afternoon sometimes evenings as well!)

1fedupmama Mon 01-Feb-16 22:43:41

If he was allowed he would spend all day everyday outside! But he attempts to climb the walls/gates/fences too. When at the park he runs & runs & runs, & I often get funny looks or spiteful comments when he's climbing the slides etc cause he's still a baby yet does all these things himself. Usually can't stay long as he bolts for the pond about a million times within half an hour so I give up chasing & head home. He is never ending!!
He has a scuttle bug, & I'd think he was a stunt driver the way he goes on with it!! Down hills with no hands (or feet for that matter) over bumps & ramps & just grins as he goes by not caring that he's just gave everyone mega heart failure

starpatch Tue 02-Feb-16 22:41:54

Oh no it does sound quite a stress. I had to avoid parks with water for a while luckily we had other parks nearby. Did you speak to hv? Is there any low cost soft play near you? I know soft play was the only thing gave me bit of respite.

1fedupmama Wed 03-Feb-16 05:32:42

We haven't seen the health visitor in nearly a year, wouldn't even know how to get hold of her now!
He loves soft play but as I don't drive yet it's a bit of a hassle to get to them. He loves walking but it's like having a puppy on a lead when I take him anywhere, he's got to touch everything, run at everything, try all the car doors,... Nightmare! Haha.

starpatch Wed 03-Feb-16 19:08:34

Oh you must be exhausted. Mine made me run 2 miles today with him on the reigns!

OzzieFem Wed 10-Feb-16 12:48:02

You haven't mentioned whether your son actually feels any pain when he does these things.

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