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Tool to teach kids emotional maturity and values

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jadey1407 Fri 29-Jan-16 11:46:06

Hi all!

I was wandering whether the mums out there think there is a need for a tool to help with teaching kids positive thinking and kindness (along with other values).

I have an idea in the form of an activity card that parents could perform together with their parents in order to practice saying nice things about others.

I hope it could be an anti-bullying tool as well and I was hoping for any suggestions/ideas/comments on whether anyone thinks this would be useful or where they might like to find something like this.

Help is much appreciated!

jadey1407 Fri 29-Jan-16 11:46:59

Sorry that was for parents to perform with their kids!

strawberrybubblegum Sat 30-Jan-16 08:58:18

Personally, I'm not entirely convinced: children pick up our values and world view from all the interactions they see us modelling, every day over years and years - I'm not sure an activity could compete with that.

And people have been using story telling for years to supplement that/make it more explicit. You could look at developing some books with values in mind - but you do still need to make it a great story in order for children to engage.

Although most of the values which are considered important in our society will have made their way into existing books. Perhaps some kind of index that helps parents find books which show a particular value for each age group would be helpful?

There is also something called 'social stories' which are used with children with autism. They show a social situation (like getting frustrated at school) in pictures, and with accompanying text to explicitly explain the situation, how people might react, and how best to deal with it. Google it and you'll see an explanation and lots of examples.

Perhaps that idea could be adapted for all children - especially younger ones. And it would certainly be a tool that could be used to counter bullying.

InpireYu Wed 03-Feb-16 14:56:20

Hi guys, I'm Simone...

...and I've created an online Personal Development eCourse for teenage students called #yuinmind.

The eCourse encourages emotional health and well-being, identification of core values, building confidence, assertiveness and healthy self-esteem. It encourages learners to think, learn and they do! The course provides information on how to overcome limiting beliefs and the kind of thinking or thought patterns that holds them back...!

Finally the eCourse supports teens to reflect on and investigate their next steps after school or college.

Here's a link to the demo:

I'm working towards getting this resource available in schools...and want to know if this resource is something that parents think is a good idea and would support too?

The kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the final stage of the project stated TODAY!!

Please check it out...and show your support...if this is up your street?!

If you support the eCourse please spread the word among your friends and colleagues. ♥

If you have any questions....or want your teen to access the #yuinmind eCourse from home...then get in touch!

Thanks for your time...♥

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