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Non-listening year old - advice needed

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Twinkie84 Tue 26-Jan-16 19:29:28

Some advice is needed. Having collected DS2 from nursery tonight; I was pulled aside to talk about the lack of listening skills my 3 year old is showing (he turned 3 last week). They said it needs to be addressed as it's isn't happening all the time. They asked how they want them to tackle this 'issue'!

This is where I am stumped as they made me feel that this is a major problem for him and I feel as I am failing him as a parent! I have returned home tonight incredibly upset! He is a lovely little boy; who has lots of friends at nursery but can be fairly lively at times but otherwise he sleeps and eats as he should do. I have an older son (6) who is always very quiet and shy.

Can anyone give me any sound advice to be able to help him or is this something that he will develop as he grows up!

Thank you for reading

starpatch Tue 26-Jan-16 21:51:28

I would try not to worry sounds very normal for a 3 year old

wtftodo Sun 31-Jan-16 20:32:14

My daughter is 2.4 I also get pulled up re listening. They have recommended turn taking games etc. However, she does also have glue ear which people often think is "selective hearing" in kids.. She struggles to hear in busy or noisy environments or if deep in concentration. Nursery know to make sure she can see them while they are talking to her. Could your son benefit from a hearing check? It is v common.

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