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How to deal with extremely clinginess to cuddly toy and dummy - its getting filthy!

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PurpleTreeFrog Tue 26-Jan-16 14:39:04

My 20 month old has always loved his cuddly bunny and his dummies.

Recently the clinginess has reached a new peak... I used to be able to take the dummy away during the day, saving it only for naptimes and bedtime, as I was worried about it delaying his speech. Now he can say a few more words I can't seem to take it off him, he gets genuinely very sad and constantly asks for "dum dum!"... I am not planning on taking the dummy away any time soon though as I'd rather wait until he's old enough to understand why his dummies suddenly disappear.

But my main issue is the cuddly bunny! I am perfectly happy for him to tote it around all day, but he wont let me take it away at mealtimes! It used to need a wash once a month, then every couple of weeks, now it needs washing every few days as it gets covered in marmite, beans etc... It'll fall to bits if I keep washing it! I have to tumble dry it too as it has to be ready for his naptime or he won't sleep! If I try and take it away, he won't eat and cries for "bun bun"... Am I being way too soft? I feel bad taking these things away... sad

By the way, months ago I tried buying an identical bunny as a spare so we could have two in rotation and washed more regularly. But he knew it's an imposter and completely rejected it. He still doesn't like it anywhere near as much as his "real" one and it remains much cleaner and softer than the old raggedy one as it doesn't get much "use".

He's clingy with me too but that's another story I suppose...

Any tips?! confused

Floowho Tue 26-Jan-16 17:00:01

Perhaps bunny can sit on the table and watch him eat? Does he do this for everyone or just you? Can bunny go in the bath with him, the problem would then be drying ..... Be strong you can do it.

Barmaid101 Thu 28-Jan-16 00:49:38

I would try setting a place for bunny the opposite side of the table to him, need to be firm at mealtimes. I was like this as a child and at 26 married with a 17month old I still sleep with my bunny. I have major attachments but I remember never being allowed it at mealtimes, due to reasons you have stated, or outside to play. I could take it in the car somewhere but it has to stay in the car (due to an additional 150mile round trip back to a service station and a missed ferry) tough at first but I adapted.

I always knew my little one would have a bunny but got two and start r rotating very early lol

Barmaid101 Thu 28-Jan-16 00:52:31

Also my dad would sit me in front of the washing machine if he needed some quiet time and I would sit and watch the cycle. He was virtually a single parent looking after my ill mum working 70odd hours a week with mainly nightshifts so pretty much at least weekly i watched bunny go in the wash lol

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