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Bad start today

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purpleme12 Tue 26-Jan-16 13:18:18

This morning I thought we'd go to playgroup (which my little girl really likes and she loves going out anyway) so we have the usual issue of getting dressed (and in fact listening when she's told to do anything) went upstairs but of course she had no inclination to get dressed and didn't want to. I could have made her by forcing her and putting up with her thrashing about and crying all the while of course but I didn't want that all the time. Nothing seems to work. So I tried the whole wait for a while thing and we'll do it in 5 mins so I went about with things I needed to do kept coming back but no still pottering about refusing to get dressed. Sometimes she'd say yes then she'd want to switch on a light and get cross when she couldn't. I went out the door which still didn't make her get dressed.

So I guess from now on it's just physically putting her clothes on her myself and have her thrash about the whole while making it incredibly difficult for me. :-(

purpleme12 Tue 26-Jan-16 13:20:16

oh and we never went to playgroup

purpleme12 Tue 26-Jan-16 13:25:09

She's 2 and three months. I'm just having a rant I guess

Cheesecrumpets01 Tue 26-Jan-16 16:21:46

We too are having a week like this!!! I know how your feeling, coffee all round I think.

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