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4 Year old fussy eater or something more?

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louiseee123 Mon 25-Jan-16 13:02:49

My DS has always been a fussy eater from as far back as i can remember but in the last 2 years its getting progressively worse.

He doesn't eat any meals, he used to eat mash potato but wont now any fruit or veg except bananas occasionally. All he will eat is jam/ham sandwiches, crisps and basically rubbish like chicken nuggets, spagetti. He wont eat anything with bits or lumps in and i'm losing the will to live and don't know what to do. He wont even try!

Even things he's always eaten ie sandwiches he has started asking for it then having one bite and saying he doesn't want anymore.

What should i do?! Give him what he asks for even if he wastes the majority or if he doesn't eat don't give him anything else? Help!

LJH79 Mon 25-Jan-16 20:02:13

My dd has been a nightmare for years. I bought a book called war and Peas and it advises you to give them dinner but give them the power and control to decide what they eat but you remind them if they don't eat it they won't get anything else to eat until next meal or snack time. Basically it takes away power struggles. My dd is doing better now and will eat more as she doesn't want to be hungry. I feel your pain!!!

Floowho Tue 26-Jan-16 17:20:16

How old is he? Could he help with buying and preparation of his food? Perhaps keep a food diary, to see actually how much he eats. I read somewhere that you need to try a food twenty times before your palate can get used to the taste. I would choose a food, eg peas and have them out with every hot meal and encourage him to try them, but don't make an issue if he doesn't, otherwise you give attention to the problem. Children are very good at being manipulative, especially about food and meal times.

olrose Thu 28-Jan-16 16:11:55

meal plans were always helpful with my eldest, he has always been fussy!
i introduced meal planning and it helped a lot! we would sit down every tuesday after tea and write up the menu for the week together, id make suggestions and kind of put the idea there giving him the impression he was deciding!
or saying ' what would go really well with chicken' giving him the chance to add what he would like to the meal.
he eats pretty much anything now!

DeliveredByKiki Sun 14-Feb-16 08:07:10

We have similar issues with DD and I think it's all control. We used "Getting the Little Blighters to Eat" which started to have results last year but we've backtracked and now every meal is a war zone again. We've decided to do it again but fully commit to it and be consistent for a full month - it's similar to PP, it's about giving up the control once the plate is in front of them so you avoid the power battles.

Wishing you luck, we certainly need it!

tacal Mon 15-Feb-16 19:58:55

Could it be a sensory issue? My ds refuses most foods due to sensory issues. He cant tolerate the feel and smell of a lot of foods.

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