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Tiger mothers - David Cameron supports - Sun Times article made me 😳

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Ackvavit Sun 24-Jan-16 19:51:23

Just read an article in the Sunday Times magazine about the original Tiger mother. I remember it all being the rage and obviously she has some valid points about aspiration etc. David Cameron has said this week everyone should. Aspire to be a tiger mother. I think most people take this in context and don't perhaps go the whole hog as we were fed originally. It's good to want our children to work hard etc. What got me in the article is that Amy Chua the "tiger mom" is actually a bit of a slob. Untidy home, can't find clean clothes, not keen on cooking, all probably meant to make her sound a bit edgy but I kind if thought is this really what David Cameron wants. Mothers who are pushy but don't do the basics like ensure there are meals made, clean clothes etc?

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